Yamaha EMX 7 anyone?

Discussion in 'Mic's Room' started by bea, May 30, 2018.

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    i am planning the 2nd upgrade of our small PA. Currently we are using a Yamaha EMX640 powermixer. It sounds fine in our rehearsal room, i like the graphic eq in the main (and monitor) branch. I miss muting switches for each channel. But power is limited - a close look into the manual reveals a total power of only 80 W in bridged mode (and not 200+200W of output at a power consumption of only 240 W...). Passively cooled. More than enough inputs for our needs.

    Speakers are a pair of EV SX100+

    Last summer we played in a church, and beyond a certain output level which was really far away from max power i heard a slight degrade of sound quality. O, not surprising for 38+38 W.

    My idea is to upgrade to a larger system, especially the Yamaha EMX 7 (the flagship if the compact mixers). Among the recent compact systems it is the only one with a graphiq EQ in the main section. And more powerful. And the feedback killing system seems interesting - we are having feedback problems in our rehearsal room.

    Does anyone here know these systems? How conservative are the power specs? What about the noise of the fan ???? I am really picky on that....

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