Sound Engineer Tony Platt - Recording Back In Black

Discussion in 'Recommended Videos' started by Robert Herndon, Jul 10, 2018.

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    I enjoyed this. Lot's of insight!

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    Y'all will probably think I'm a douche for saying so, but, at least for me (personally) that band died with Bon Scott. I didn't like BiB when it was first released, I don't like it now, and I don't like anything they have recorded since Highway to Hell/Bon Scott. Again, IMO, the better part of valor would have been to follow the Led Zeppelin model for them and admit that an absolutely essential ingredient was lost and they could never be the same.
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  3. eSGEe

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    I guess we all have our opinions--- I like both Bon and post Bon AC/Dc -- It would seem Angus and Malcolm had a lot more left in the tank and many many more songs to "get out" in the almost 40 years since Bons death........
    IT could be considerably argued that AC/DC was quite more successful without Bon going on to a career that out lasted--- well MANY peoples I mean truly how many bands pack stadiums after touring for that long?????? AC/Dc was selling out on their last tour before the loss of Malcolm.....that by shear math----is a "win" in my book -- and in numbers out shadows Zeppelin--- Elvis-- and MANY artists by miles and miles---

    ITs a long the top-----
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  4. Bocc69

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    Bon was the best, but I like all AC/DC!!... Brian Johnson was a great fit, and Back in Black is one of the greatest albums to ever spin.

    But, it's a Dog Eat Dog world, and Axil Rose aint making the grade. Ouch!!
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  5. eSGEe

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    Axil what? is that douche still alive? where IS THE JUSTICE in the world---- Bon goes Axil need a minute
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