Show US the Guitar that Speaks to You...

Discussion in 'Twang Terrace' started by Mr Grumpy, May 6, 2018.

  1. chilipeppermaniac

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    Me Too. I was always fascinated how he played his guitars with the high E up towards his chin. The man definitely had feeling in those fingers.
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  2. RVA

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    Amazing wood. It is like a mix of quilt, flame and standard grain. Awesome.
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  3. Bocc69

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    Me too chilli.

    All of my guitars speak to me at a personal level. They are each beautiful, and bring me immeasurable joy. I carefully chose each of my guitars for that very reason.

    But, my SG is the only guitar that made me visit a forum to celebrate it, and brought me to ETSG and you fine people.

    It also opened up the doors to celebrate all of my guitars with like minded people.

    All of my guitars speak, but I guess the SG spoke the loudest!!

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  4. eSGEe

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  5. WavMixer

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    Lost Angeles, CA USA
    Actually there is a guitar that spoke to me in my dreams. It has taken over 3 years, but soon it will be able to speak to me in person. However first it needs to speak to Adrian and then come back home to me from the swamps. More details to come...
  6. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy Ambassador of Comings and Goings

    Is she a mile-higher?
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  7. WavMixer

    WavMixer Ambassador of Binary Communications Administrator

    Lost Angeles, CA USA
    Hmmm, I hope not... but I have not accompanied her on her voyages. Her box did not seem to have been abused.
  8. eSGEe

    eSGEe Ferengi Ambassador of Trade Administrator

    Perhaps I am losing my hearing....................

    I went to Sam Ash Clearwater yesterday --- and NONE of them spoke to me.........
  9. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy Ambassador of Comings and Goings

    That's good for your pocket.
  10. gasket

    gasket Ambassador of the Guitarded

    None of them wanted to live in a zoo, the word is out!
  11. eSGEe

    eSGEe Ferengi Ambassador of Trade Administrator

    Yes they heard the new dog likes to chew on wood I guess
  12. Col Mustard

    Col Mustard Well-Known Member

    I'm in a period of flux... which means I'm fickle and changeable
    in my preferences. I took all my guitars outside and photographed
    them standing side by side:
    guitar family 06-21-18@100.jpg
    A few days later I took the two oldest and most valuable to Elderly instruments and told them to do whatever they needed
    done, and then sell them for as much as we could get. These would be Amber, the 1975 Mossman Flint Hills dreadnought
    sixth from left, and Sluggo, the 1966 Fender Jazz with the Chrome covers on.

    If truth be told, I am a self confessed guitar slut... which means I love them all. And they all speak to me, or used to.
    If I play them again, they speak to me again. Sometimes they sing to me on the edge of perception, calling me to
    take them out of their cases or off the wall mounts and play them. And I do. My five electrics are all totally unique,
    and each has different tone and neck shape. That's the way I like it. On any of these guitars, I sound just like me.
    Of course I do. But each one brings out some different facet of my music.
    five electrics@200.jpg
    Snow White, the 06 Telecaster Deluxe Replica has two Fender 'Wide Range" Humbuckers, and I keep it mostly in DADF#AD
    and play slide. She weighs about 8 lb and balances perfectly, has a unique voice all her own. Mostly stock, I replaced the
    wiring because it seemed sloppy and that irritated me. Love the maple neck.

    Skeeter, the '60 Epi Wilshire replica, has been modded from main truck to keelson and is a real player. She's got a Gibson 490R
    in the neck, and a Golden Age Overwound hum bucker in the bridge position. She weighs about 7 lb and fits me well.
    You just don't see too many of these about, and I like that. She responded very well to upgrades, and plays like a dream.
    The 490R sounds better in the Epiphone than it did in the SG... go figure. And the Golden Age Overwound pickup has just
    enough extra oomph to be a great bridge tone. I could play a whole set with just that.

    Caledonia, the 2015 Epiphone ES-339 P-90 pro might be my fickle favorite right now. I keep reaching for her, and she
    responds sweetly and does whatever I ask her to. Caledonia is also totally modded, from the headstock to the rear strap
    button. IMHO an Epi makes a great mod platform, and both of mine can take their place in the lineup alongside guitars
    costing eight to ten times as much and not give up a thing. Caledonia has a pair of Rose Pickups P-90s that give her
    also a totally unique tone unlike anything I've ever played. The neck p'up has a woody, jazzy tone that I am still exploring,
    and the bridge P-90 is pure rock an roll... all grit and bravado. The middle position is wired to be a big hum bucker, and is
    my favorite... noiseless P-90s... hard to beat. Love the mahogany neck in the maple body. This one is about the size of
    a Les Paul double cut, weighs about 8#, balances perfectly and tucks herself against my body in a most intimate way.

    April, my 2012 SG special "70s tribute" sports a pair of new design Mini Humbuckers, a maple neck with volute, an oversize
    '70s style headstock, baked maple fretboard with '70s style block inlays, Traditional wiring with Gibson 500k pots,
    Satin Silverburst finish and Gibson's "70s Thick to thin Neck Carve" (whatever that is). Whatever it is, her neck is fast and
    comfortable and the Mini Humbuckers rip. Once again, a totally unique tone and feel. I loved this concept as soon as
    I saw it, and manfully tried to resist the G.A.S. while Gibson tried to sell these to closed minded guitarists who didn't
    know what to make of this model. It didn't work, and Gibson kept marking them down and down while my desire grew
    and grew. Finally I had to pounce, and got my April in April of '13 for an excellent price. She's a keeper. I've only
    modded her in superficial ways, TRC, Pickguard, Switch washer, Witch Hats. This one was excellent as issued. And still
    is. Gibson has since re-issued this model, with Rosewood. Players have come to realize how cool they are. *grins

    Luna, the Queen of my music room... the best guitar of any kind that I have ever played. It was love as soon as I
    touched this instrument. Guys who say guitars are just property simply have no clue. *shrugs... they say so.
    There is no sensation like when I play this guitar that I am so in love with. I've modded this one completely also,
    like a doting sugar daddy buying nice clothes for an already lovely lady. She was a total charmer wth all her stock
    parts, but IMHO Gibson SGs and '57 classic and Classic plus pickups are made for each other. She growls, she moans
    in the midrange, she shrieks and jangles in the high end. Both of my SGs balance perfectly. The Silverburst weighs just over
    7 lb and the Faded Brown weighs about 6.75 lb. Hard to beat. Gibson's SG rounded neck profile is a joy to play
    and this SG has been my favorite since I bought her ten years ago.

    Every one of these guitars has a different neck shape. Makes no difference at all. None. I never even think
    about it. I just play them. And they all respond so well... I admit, I am a guitar slut. And I am blessed.
    None of these guitars was expensive, compared to some of the stark raving prices other guitarists seem willing
    to pay. So maybe if I ever got to play a $4000 Les Paul, or some other overpriced argosy, I'd fall in love with
    that. But I don't think so. I think I'd be put off by the price, and fail to open my soul to it.

    So I just don't get it when people praise the old 'vintage' guitars that most of us will never even see,
    let alone get to play. But if someone can afford the best, then they should have it. Me I'm happy with
    these affordable and very responsive electric ladies.
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  13. Truss_rod

    Truss_rod Well-Known Member

    Awesome collection Col.
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  14. WavMixer

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    Lost Angeles, CA USA
    Awesome write up too!
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  15. Robert Herndon

    Robert Herndon Ambassador of Tone

    Lake Arrowhead, California
    I used to be super analytical.

    This guitar has this subtle nuance, this guitar has this certain quality, but not this one. Then i quit all the "mellow" genres and, almost magically, everything sounds so much better.

    These are my only guitars. All chosen for same neck profiles. Same feel. Same tone. They play rock-n-roll and do it quite well....

    The double neck has awesome stage presence and is used on songs like "Stairway" and "Lay It On The Line." Plus, it has my name on the headstocks and the serial number is my birth date. How inherently cool is that???

    The SG is always tuned A-440. The Les Paul E flat.


    Some play for fun. I play for love and money...

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  16. iblive

    iblive Well-Known Member

    North East Illinois
    Missing a couple members of the family. A MIM Strat I just got and a Hagstrom semi hollow. But like several folk here, I play them all. Each speaks to me differently. Depends on my mood. Right now I have my G400 tuned to double drop D. Channel my inner Neil Young.... think “Cinnamon Girl.” But if I had to chose one. Probably the Ovation acoustic. It’s where I started and when I pick it up I always get the feeling of, ahhhhh.... I’ve come home.
  17. eSGEe

    eSGEe Ferengi Ambassador of Trade Administrator


    Story here:

    VOLUMES it speaks to me--- and I look forward to listening to the tales for many years to come-----
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  18. Robert Herndon

    Robert Herndon Ambassador of Tone

    Lake Arrowhead, California
    Les designed that guitar to be a universal tool....that's all anyone could want or need.
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  19. chilipeppermaniac

    chilipeppermaniac Ambassador of Decibels

    OK Col, I have to ask, WHAT about that other Jazz Bass? How did I miss that one?
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  20. Robert Herndon

    Robert Herndon Ambassador of Tone

    Lake Arrowhead, California
    This one whispered, "13 Black..."

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