More Sad News.....

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by guitarweasel, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. guitarweasel

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    Southern Illinois
  2. jtcnj

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    I saw this as well; how the sands of time for us run ever lower.
    All the reason to make the most of it while we can.

    Put another F'in dime in the Jukebox, baby.

    The sig of a fellow on another forum I visit says:
    "You weren't born to just pay bills and die"

    I have had this view for some time now, having paid my dues at least as far as my children are grown.
    That puts it into the words that work for me.
  3. eSGEe

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    ugh --I had a great Uncle with that .......not a good ride--- not a good ride....
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  4. Session 5

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    Thats bad stuff to have.
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  5. bea

    bea Well-Known Member

    He has been fighting for 10 years, and meanwhile the progression starts limiting him stronger. In the age of 70. Where it is just normal that musicians have to go back a step, even without parkinson.

    And how many of the old stars can play their concerts without backup guitarists?

    Anyway, Parkinson is a terrible desease. Let's simply hope he'll manage to slow down its process as good as possible and find other possibilities to enjoy his life.
  6. BlackSG91

    BlackSG91 Ambassador of Anarchy

    With K.K. Downing retiring a while back to tend to his golf course and now Tipton out of the picture it's the first time Priest will have a new generation of guitarists. It will be interesting to see how their music will sound in the future.

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  7. gball

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    By the sea
    That really bums me out. Huge fan if him and Judas Priest.
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  8. chilipeppermaniac

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    I really just today found this out while posting videos I scanned on youtube. I am with Gball on this.

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  9. chilipeppermaniac

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  10. chilipeppermaniac

    chilipeppermaniac Ambassador of Decibels

    I will simply say it this way and maybe even Glenn will read this or someone may pass it on to him.
    Thank you and may you live as healthy and comfortable as possible given your current health battles.
  11. ivan H

    ivan H Ambassador of Tubes & Grooves

    This is very sad news. I have watched this debilitating disease in action a couple of times, before the advent of surgery where a small portion of the brain is removed to greatly slow the progress of the condition. To think, not too long ago nothing was known about what causes this condition, the breakthroughs coming as a result of an illicit fentanyl (synthetic heroin like substance) cook gone wrong. Hopefully the breakthroughs in treatment continue. I'll echo what others have said in hoping that Glenn can maintain a quality of life & find new interests to pursue. Cheers
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  12. Truss_rod

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    Even more terrible and sad news.

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