ETSG infested with spammy marketeers

Discussion in 'Front Desk' started by Col Mustard, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. eSGEe

    eSGEe Ferengi Ambassador of Trade Administrator

    IS this post in English??????
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  2. gasket

    gasket Ambassador of the Guitarded

    I can understand all of that. I live it :-(
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  3. Col Mustard

    Col Mustard Well-Known Member

    ETSG is all right with me. They welcomed me there when I
    was a newbie, and I learned a lot of SG lore, and I'm very
    grateful for all the friends I met there. Many of whom are here.

    I'll dedicate this video to some OTHER fora that I've been
    on, where the arrogance level is much higher and the minds (if any)
    are much more closed.

    Here's Pat MacDonald and Barbara K
    (you do the math)

    need we say more:

    Don't get me wrong with this video, please...
    I am NOT saying that ETSG is a bunch of A$$holes
    because I still hang out there and I still have friends there and
    enjoy that forum.

    I just love posting the Timbuk 3 video at the least opportunity.
    Pat skewers 'em all IMHO.
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  4. jtcnj

    jtcnj Ambassador of the Crossroad

    I still swing by there now and then.
    Some folks value their own views as superior with an elitist, dismissive, and condescending attitude for those who disagree with them.
    Some of those folks have a Need to steamroll over any nonconformists and always have the last word.

    You cant have reasonable conversation with those who are unreasonable.
    While frustrating, I pity their close-mindedness and walk away.

    Now, you get two of those egos facing off, its can be quite the train wreck to witness, but drama's just not my bag, baby.
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  5. Robert Herndon

    Robert Herndon Ambassador of Tone

    Lake Arrowhead, California
    I love the genuine quality of the folks in here, and you don't get that vibe very often. Some forums may be tolerable, but this place has a really great core group.

    I keep TTR up when listening to playbacks and mixing....
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  6. eSGEe

    eSGEe Ferengi Ambassador of Trade Administrator

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  7. eSGEe

    eSGEe Ferengi Ambassador of Trade Administrator

    wait thats not mixing------------------------------WTF are you on about Robert????
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